Friday's Update - January 11

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Friday's Update - January 11
Mon, 01-14-2013 - 9:58am

Avery arrives at The Underground to find Nick upset that his license is gone. Avery knows someone at the County Clerk's office who will issue a new copy. Nick discovers the addresses are wrong on some of the flyers. Avery sends him to the address to explain. Later, Avery returns with a new license - she promised the clerk a slow dance later. Nick says the Indian restaurant agreed to send his customers over tonight, in exchange for eating there. Avery crows about Nick doing all of this. They dance and head to her place. The electricity buzzes. At home, Billy is preparing to leave for Newman when Victor arrives. Victor notices Billy's suit. "Scrounge up a job somewhere?" Billy says he did - his. Vikki explains that Jack made Billy co-CEO with Adam. Billy says Adam's leaving tonight. Victor isn't pleased about a buffoon running his company. Victoria says he'll help them regain Newman. Victor claims he has other options. After, Billy and Victoria talk briefly and kiss goodbye.

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