Friday's Update - January 18

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Friday's Update - January 18
Sat, 01-19-2013 - 1:24pm

At Newman, Victor and Billy spar verbally over Victor blackmailing him. Billy doesn't trust him and won't sacrifice Jack. Victor says it's Jack's chance to save himself and suggests Billy tell him so. At the Club, Tucker fawns over Katherine - he knows she's still shook up over Murphy choking. They sit. Tucker is amazed to hear that Murphy used to live in a trailer and saved her life once. Katherine admits she was scared of losing him earlier. She says Murphy is angry at Tucker because he wanted to punish her for giving him up as a baby. Tucker things to work between them. Kay's open to it. Victor appears. Tucker says this might be his way of proving he's sincere. He tells Victor he'll give him a sizeable portion of his Newman shares. Victor wants details. Tucker says he'll give him half his shares, explaining that he threw in with Jack and Adam because he was bothered by how much Katherine respected Victor. Victor accepts Tucker's offer, but warns him not to double-cross him and disappoint Katherine. Victor leaves. Tucker tells Katherine he's tired of feeling alone. He talks about losing Ashley, and says he wants to know his birth mother, and his son. He vows to keep trying with Devon. Kay agrees, "Never stop trying." Once alone, Tucker leaves Jack a message to call him about Newman.

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