Friday's Update - January 25

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Friday's Update - January 25
Sat, 01-26-2013 - 9:46am

At Chelseas's place, Chloe sees the smashed photos. Chelsea tells her she's cutting her losses - the divorce is back on. Chloe assumes it was Sharon again. Chelsea says it was Newman this time. Billy arrives at Newman Enterprises and Adam tells him he called an emergency board meeting that morning - a vote was held and the board wants one CEO going forward - Adam. Billy wonders how he pulled it off. Adam says the board didn't forgive him for passing on sensitive information to his wife. As they bicker, Sharon arrives asking where everyone is for the staff meeting. Billy tells her she and Adam are all that's left - but it won't last. Billy warns Sharon she'll become a pawn in Adam's war with Victor. Billy leaves and Sharon enthuses about Adam getting the board to go along with him. Adam says the board knows he's the next generation. Sharon says Victor will come gunning for him. Adam's ready and wants her by his side. Sharon says Noah is proud of her - she won't be quitting and she will deal with Victor when she has to. They discuss his marriage ending. Mason gets them Cajun food from a New Orleans chef while they work. Adam decides to leave and they say some heartfelt things before he goes. Once alone, Sharon imagines Adam coming back, saying he loves her, and ravishing her on the desk.

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