Friday's Update - November 30

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Friday's Update - November 30
Sat, 12-01-2012 - 10:13am

Sharon and Adam finish lunch at her place. When she's in the kitchen, Noah arrives and reminds Adam he has a wife. Adam leaves. Noah and Sharon argue about Adam being around. Noah questions if he's just a friend, and suggests she confide in Nick instead. Sharon refuses and panics. Noah argues that Nick would be supportive. Chloe arrives at Chelsea's house to talk business. She says she needs to make money - she and Kevin will get through this together. Chelsea is telling Chloe how Adam was at his office waiting for lunch with 'wackadoo' when Adam arrives. Chloe leaves. Adam tells Chelsea he ate with Sharon and checked on her. He asks for an update on Chelsea's business. She impresses him with her photos. Adam hints at cutting Chloe out. Chelsea says she wants to build this business and Adam owes her. Adam says Chloe's just a crutch. Chelsea is offended. Adam decides he'll open his wallet and shut his mouth. They bicker over Chelsea wanting to work in the cottage. Chelsea asks if Sharon's moving back. He wonders how long all roads will lead back to Sharon. They argue. Chelsea hollers that he's Sharon's hero. Adam's phone rings - it's Sharon worried that Noah will tell Nick. Adam leaves.

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