Friday's Update - September 14

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Friday's Update - September 14
Fri, 09-14-2012 - 5:40pm

Phyllis is not amused when Ronan brings Summer and her bottle of booze home. The young lady declares she's going to see her dad and storms out. Phyllis thinks her daughter hates her. She tells the cop that what they had was just lust, not love. He's not so sure. She guesses he wants to protect her and be with her. Phyllis suggests he wants to blackmail her for sex. That upsets him. Nikki runs into Nick at the club. He's on his way to pound on something in the gym. She guesses this is about Ronan. He tells her things aren't great. They rehash the Sharon story and then have coffee. She's sure something terrible will happen to Victor. He's sure this is all no big deal.

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