Monday's Update - December 10

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Monday's Update - December 10
Mon, 12-10-2012 - 4:27pm

Avery and Nick cuddle on her sofa. They talk about Nick and Victor's differences and about Sharon. Avery says when he's ready, they can talk about what's wrong with her. Summer arrives upset. She wants to talk to Avery about Chelsea. "I killed her baby. She's never going to forgive me." Summer says it wasn't hermother's fault - she got in the car and wasn't paying attention. Summer thinks Chelsea will always hate her, and so will her parents. Nick protests. "You're our Supergirl." Summer says she hates herself. Nick urges her to forgive herself and boosts her self-esteem. They embrace. Summer turns down dinner and goes. Avery says he's a good man. Nick says she's great with kids too - Phyllis should be glad Summer has someone to turn to. Avery and Nick laugh over her story of an imaginary baby she made up when she was a child, but he soon returns to worrying about Sharon. He says he'll always be tied to her and Phyllis, and asks about Avery's ex. She shakes her head - it didn't end well; she made some mistakes. Avery suggests they leave the past in the past, and calls it a night. Nick leaves, and Avery exhales.

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