Monday's Update - December 17

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Monday's Update - December 17
Mon, 12-17-2012 - 5:34pm

The Young & the Restless aired a repeat from Friday's episode in case you missed it due to the tragedy in CT:

At Newman, Mason tells Jack his doctor wants to book a follow-up appointment with him. Jack blows it off - he has the pain under control. Nick and Noah eat pancakes at the tackhouse and Noah says Avery's a good influence. Noah tells him they can't let Grandpa press charges against hismom. Nick says you can't stop Grandpa. Noah asks for help. Nick will do what he can. They debate how Sharon would fare in court. Noah doesn't want her in jail or Fairview - he wants Nick to convince Victor to ease up. Sharon tells an investigator in her house that she was in Chicago the night the fire was set. He wants evidence that confirms her trip. She shows him out and then is tempted to call Adam. She stares at Faith's picture and then the phone. Finally she calls Noah to bring Faith. They soon arrive.

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