Monday's Update - December 31

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Monday's Update - December 31
Tue, 01-01-2013 - 11:02am

At the Chancellor mansion, Kay tells Tucker she's only going to dinner to get him off her back. He fusses over her. Katherine doesn't want to hear about how she should take it easy. In Neil's office, Lily wonders if anyone knows why he summoned them. Leslie doesn't know. Cane asks Tyler if he was invited. He was. Devon arrives, followed by Neil, who announces Jack fired him from Jabot. Cane will be the new CEO. Neil's family is outraged. Neil says Jack is going through something right now. He adds that he, Kyle, Billy, and Phyllis all got fired. Cane asks if it was an intervention. Neil repeats that Cane is acting CEO. Tyler congratulates him. Lily wonders if they should all quit. Cane grimaces. Devon doesn't want to work there without Neil. Neil urges them to stay. Later, Cane tells Devon, Lily, and Tyler he will ask Jack to rehire Neil. Cane leaves. Tyler tells Lily there goes his campaign. Lily defends Cane. Tyler says maybe he's missing something about Cane, but he knows her - they get each other.

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