Monday's Update - January 7

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Monday's Update - January 7
Tue, 01-08-2013 - 9:41am

Victor drops by Adam's place to let him know he's aware of the goings-on with the prostitute - including the flimsy cover-up. Adam wonders how Victor's tied to this. Victor says he's not, and they go back and forth. Later, Chelsea grills Adam about whether Victor has something on him. She can't wait to leave town. Adam says he must fill key spots at Newman - he wants Sharon in Phyllis' former position. Chelsea suggests they tell Sharon the good news together. At home, Vikki warns Billy that Victor will take everything from Jack. Billy says he won't let Jack down. Vikki warns that Adam's involved. Billy just wants to make sure Jack keeps Jabot. They agree to be in this together, helping Jack and fighting Adam.

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