Monday's Update - November 12

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Monday's Update - November 12
Mon, 11-12-2012 - 4:30pm

Adam sets a romantic scene at home. Chelsea asks if it's Sharon's birthday. Adam says it's an apology for keeping the secret. "I love you, Mrs. Newman." They sip champagne and then head upstairs and make love. Adam goes downstairs after and reads about Gloworm burning down. He leaves. In the cottage, Sharon looks at photos of Noah and Faith and writes to them about the hole in her soul and how she's trying to get back to them. She says their dad is a good man. After balling up numerous letters, Sharon heads outside. Ronan tells Phyllis at a restaurant that she looks gorgeous. She returns the sentiment and quips that it makes the first date less awkward when you've seen each other naked. They look at menus and he isn't pleased when she says what she wants is to put this day out of its misery. They agree the date feels weird. Phyllis says maybe they suck at normal. He suggests pizza, beer, and sex. She can't do it.

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