Monday's Update - November 7

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Monday's Update - November 7
Mon, 11-07-2011 - 5:43pm

In Ronan's office, he and Phyllis listen to the recording of Nick threatening to kill Diane. Ronan immediately tries to track the call. He wants to hear her theory. Phyllis says someone is obviously trying to mislead him. He tells her the thing between them needs to wait until he catches Diane's murderer. In her room, Avery tells Nick he has an interesting negotiating style. They agree to let things ride for now. While Nick's in the shower, Avery answers his phone - it's Phyllis. Avery says they're in her suite. Nick returns and there's a knock. Avery opens the door so Phyllis sees him dressing. Avery leaves the room. Phyllis asks Nick, "What are you doing?" She muses that this is her fault - she told him she had issues with Avery - he seems to find that irresistible in a woman. She says there is no way he could have hurt her more than by doing this. Nick says no one meant to hurt her. Phyllis explains how Avery told her where to find him. He asks why she called. Phyllis tells Nick he doesn't protect her, but she came to tell him Ronan heard the audio of him threatening Diane. He appreciates it. She says, "Go to hell," and leaves. Nick calls Ashley and fills her in. There's a knock - it's Ronan, who grills Nick about the recording. Nick wants to know why he let Phyllis hear the call. Ronan teases Nick that he enjoys her company - does that make him jealous? Angry?

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