Monday's Update - October 15

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Monday's Update - October 15
Mon, 10-15-2012 - 5:17pm

In the courtroom, Michael tells the judge he's shocked and perplexed by him dismissing Phyllis' case. The judge says the case has no merit. Heather jumps in but the judge says he should hold her in contempt. Christine stands and says the case is completely legitimate. When the judge hears her name, he tells her congratulations - she's the reason the case has been dismissed. She was not a federal agent at the time of the hit-and-run as she claimed! Phyllis is released and Daniel, Avery, and Leslie gather around her. Chris tells Phyllis she'll never get away with this, but Phyllis hollers that she lives in the past. Nick watches as Ronan tells Phyllis how happy he is for her. Nick gets a call from Chelsea and then tells Phyllis that Summer's been in an accident. They take off. Ronan tells Avery. Kevin and Ronan discuss the 'break' and moving on with their lives. Kevin tells him Michael knows he lied. Ronan calls him a weasel. Chloe says she is the one to blame.

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