Monday's Update - October 24

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Monday's Update - October 24
Mon, 10-24-2011 - 6:50pm

In the warehouse, the group who were texted watch the reel of Diane. Victor wonders who did this if it wasn't Malloy. They watch, transfixed, as the reel shows each of them fighting with Diane in the park that night, except for Victoria, who seemed to watch in horror from the bridge as her father attacked Diane. Nick shuts off the projector, saying it was on a timer. He thinks Malloy wants everyone to get nervous and run their mouths. They all profess their innocence. Phyllis points out that Diane was alive to deal with all of them. Jack suggests they not turn on each other, but that's exactly what happens. Accusations fly. Victor tells Jack he's taking Kyle away from him. Soon, some decide that Adam must be behind this. Others argue the point.

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