Monday's Update - October 31

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Monday's Update - October 31
Mon, 10-31-2011 - 6:42pm

Chloe and Delia surprise Kevin with the hospital room decorated for Halloween. Delia's in costume and Kevin pretend trick or treats with her. Kevin steps out to take a call and Santa kisses him - it's Billy in costume. Kevin pulls the beard, and Billy hisses that it's rented. Kevin tells him to stop playing games. Billy wants to see Delia. Kevin says he's taking Chloe to Vikki's party at Jimmy's. Kevin returns to Delia's room, where Chloe tells Delia they're getting married. Delia asks Kevin if he's her daddy now. Outside the door, Billy hears. Once Chloe and Kevin go, he sneaks in to see Delia, who grins at 'Santa' and his antics. A nurse comes, so he hugs her and goes.

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