Spoilers - Week of April 2

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Spoilers - Week of April 2
Sun, 04-01-2012 - 11:18am

Chloe and Victoria discuss Chloe’s Carmine problem

Kevin asks Carmine to leave town

Chloe runs into Carmine at Crimson Lights and confronts him

Carmine tells Chloe he’ll be staying in Genoa City after all

Chelsea asks Jeffrey to take a paternity test

Jeffrey refuses

Michael breaks the bad news… the DNA test confirmed that Jeffrey is Chelsea’s dad

Jeffrey posits that Chelsea is really William’s daughter

Jeffrey arranges to send Anita out of town on a trip around the world to hide the fact that she is his legal wife

Daniel begins to wonder if Lucy would be better off if Daisy raised her

Harmony opens up to Sarge about her family problems and substance abuse issues

Sarge denies having an addiction problem of his own

The loss of the Mitsukoshi contract and Jack’s pending suit cause Genevieve to rethink Beauty of Nature

Genevieve ponders her options

Victor and Victoria’s offers weigh on Genevieve’s mind

Genevieve leans towards selling the company to Victoria

Leslie steps in with some strong advice for her client

Genevieve realizes that Jack’s suit could prevent the company from being sold

Jack suffers another setback in his physical therapy

Sarge walks away from his difficult client

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