Spoilers - Week of April 23

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Spoilers - Week of April 23
Sun, 04-22-2012 - 10:40am

Victor warns Jack that it will be his fault if Nikki starts drinking again

Nikki grows frustrated by Jack and Victor’s bickering

Victor spurns Genevieve’s romantic gift

Genevieve wonders if Victor is trying to double cross her

Victor vents his spleen on Michael

Harmony and Neil struggle to maintain their post-smooch equilibrium

Sofia notices the tension and warns Harmony to keep her distance

Neil and Sofia’s coffee date is interrupted when Harmony introduces her boyfriend, Sarge

Sofia realizes that Harmony is lying

Sarge calls Harmony on her deception

Harmony chastises Sarge when he gives her a kiss

Sofia lures Neil to the club with a fake meeting

Neil and Sofia head upstairs to the room Sofia booked

Daisy is granted custody of Lucy for another six months

Daniel retains visitation rights

Phyllis fires Ricky for interfering with Daniel’s case

Daniel tells Phyllis he’s leaving Genoa City

Phyllis is relieved when Daniel admits he loves his daughter

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