Spoilers - Week of April 30

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Spoilers - Week of April 30
Sun, 04-29-2012 - 9:25am

Victor agrees to let Kyle move onto the ranch

Abby breaks the news to Jack

After an argument with Victor, Jack attempts to persuade Kyle to change his mind

Abby fills Billy in on all the Kyle news

Kyle delivers an ultimatum that could tear Jack and Nikki apart forever

Adam gives Kyle some advice

Phyllis and Nick’s excitement about their pregnancy and engagement grows

Nick decides to break the news to Sharon

Sharon hides her dismay and convinces Nick that she’s happy for him

Nick holds back the news about Phyllis’s pregnancy

Phyllis and Nick decide to keep their plans a secret for now

Phyllis is thrilled when Nick admits he didn’t tell Sharon about the baby

Nick gives Phyllis a ring

Phyllis taunts Sharon

Sharon asks Phyllis if the hurried engagement signals a pregnancy

Lauren discovers that Victor fired Michael

Michael promises that Victor will change his mind when he calms down

Jill comforts her sister when Lauren blames herself for Michael’s woes

Michael texts Lauren that Victor is giving his job to Avery

Lauren confronts Victor

Victor adamantly refuses to give Michael another chance

Lauren furiously quits the Newman Board

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