Spoilers - Week of April 9

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Spoilers - Week of April 9
Sun, 04-08-2012 - 1:40pm

Billy worries when Abby tells them that Chelsea is AWOL

Victoria asks Victor for help finding Chelsea

Victor tells Victoria she would be better off without Billy and Chelsea in her life

Victoria vows to stay with Billy no matter what

Victor phones Anita and then dispatches his private helicopter to search

Billy wonders if Chelsea went for a walk by the lake

Adam struggles to get Chelsea warm after rescuing her from the lake

Chelsea’s labor pains force Adam to stay by her side instead of finding help

Adam and Chelsea fear the worst when the baby fails to cry

Chelsea’s panic and delirium worsens

Adam gets the baby warm

The baby boy recovers and is placed in his mother’s loving arms

Adam goes outside to find cell phone reception

Victor asks Anita for clues to find Chelsea

The helicopter pilot finds the cabin

Billy, Victoria and Abby arrive and realize that Chelsea didn’t give birth without help

Traumatized by her fall into the lake and the birth itself, Chelsea is unable to remember Adam’s presence

Adam returns to the cabin, but chooses not to reveal himself

Billy and Victoria celebrate the birth of their long hoped for baby

At the hospital, Chelsea begins to recover… and remember

Anita arrives with a plan to exploit the baby for money

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