Spoilers - Week of December 10

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Spoilers - Week of December 10
Sun, 12-09-2012 - 10:09am

Adam and Sharon try to explain the kiss to Chelsea 

Sharon takes responsibility for initiating the inappropriate contact 

Chelsea slaps Adam and storms out 

Adam follows Chelsea home and emphasizes that Sharon kissed him 

Chelsea scoffs and says Sharon needs to be locked up 

Adam begs Chelsea not to turn Sharon in for the arson 

Chelsea’s rage grows exponentially 

Noah visits his mom and finds her in a panic 

Sharon tells Noah that her touch stone doesn’t work any more 

Noah offers to be her new touch stone 

Nikki is surprised when Chelsea visits 

A shocking conversation ensues 

Nikki finds Sharon and angrily accuses her of burning down the ranch 

A panicked Sharon denies involvement 

Nikki threatens Sharon with justice 

Adam asks Chelsea if she told Nikki the truth 

Chelsea doesn’t bother to deny it 

Adam loses his temper and tells Chelsea that Sharon should suffer because of Chelsea’s issues 

Chelsea blows her cork 

Summer expresses her remorse for the accident to Nick and Avery 

Nick reassures Summer that she’s a good person who made a mistake 

Summer tells Nick that it was wrong of her to blame Phyllis 

Nick tells Summer that they will always love her 

Summer says she hates herself and leaves

Later, Summer visits Avery’s store room and finds old letters from Dylan

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