Spoilers - Week of December 17

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Spoilers - Week of December 17
Sun, 12-16-2012 - 10:29am

Lauren is surprised by Michael’s anniversary celebration 

Michael gives his wife a love letter 

Nick takes Avery to the club space and tells her he’s naming it The Underground 

Jack tells Neil he’s planning to bring Jabot under the Newman umbrella 

Neil asks if his future is secure 

Jack promises that Neil will still be in charge 

Neil warns Jack not to pursue too much power 

Later, Neil tells Leslie that something is off with Jack 

Nikki attempts to convince Chelsea to talk to the arson investigator 

Chelsea refuses 

Nikki tells Chelsea her marriage is over – Adam loves Sharon 

Victor tells Adam that Sharon will go to prison unless Adam plays ball 

Adam conditionally agrees to help Victor 

Jack asks Adam what Victor wanted 

Adam tells Jack about Victor’s plans and promises to have Jack’s back 

Adam tells Jack to stop abusing his pills 

Jack insists that rolling Jabot into the Newman fold is a great idea 

Adam warns Jack not to do it 

Chelsea and Adam discuss their marriage 

Nikki and Victor set a date 

Jill implores Katherine to forgive her son 

Leslie and Neil find it difficult to keep things strictly professional

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