Spoilers - Week of December 24

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Spoilers - Week of December 24
Sun, 12-23-2012 - 11:04am

Victor manipulates Victoria by playing the orphan card 

Victoria tells Billy she wants to be with her family for Christmas 

Billy warns Victoria 

Victoria asks Billy to accept a truce with her father 

Sharon realizes that Adam was behind the Genoa City arson wave 

Adam and Sharon discuss their options 

Sharon opts to protect Jabot at any cost 

Adam tells Sharon that he’s in a position to use Jack’s weaknesses against him 

Sharon wonders what Adam really means 

The ex-lovers agree to abide by Dr. Watkins’s advice 

Adam puts the pills back in Jack’s desk 

Neil takes back his resignation 

Jack prepares a press conference to deny the drug allegations 

Neil and Jack discuss the article 

Jack denies his addiction 

Neil calls Jack out on his obvious lie 

Jack refuses to try a 12 step recovery program 

Kyle and Adam listen as Jack promises to make Jabot a Newman subsidiary 

Jack’s peace offering is rejected 

Leslie warns Tyler about his lady killing habits 

Cane turns down Tyler’s graffiti idea 

Tyler and Cane spar over Lily and Jabot 

Chelsea bemoans her lousy karma

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