Spoilers - Week of December 3

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Spoilers - Week of December 3
Sun, 12-02-2012 - 11:14am

Victor gives Adam a list of Jack’s medications 

Phyllis finds the list on Adam’s desk 

Sharon discusses her anxieties with her doctor 

Chelsea and Adam fight about Sharon 

Adam insists he’s not cheating 

Chelsea points out that there are many ways to betray a marriage 

Adam visits Sharon after she asks to see him 

Sharon tells Adam she’s stopping all contact with him for his own good 

Adam tells his ex that he can’t lose her – he may even still be in love with her! 

Sharon pushes Adam back to his wife 

Adam tries to convince Sharon that he can be her friend and Chelsea’s husband 

Sharon and Adam share a final embrace 

Chelsea searches the restaurant for Adam but finds Nikki instead 

Nikki archly remarks that she used to be just like Chelsea 

Chelsea asks about the fire that burned down the ranch 

Nikki expresses anger for the person who destroyed her house of love 

Chelsea thinks about telling Nikki the truth 

Adam tells Chelsea that he won’t be seeing Sharon anymore 

Chelsea is unsure whether to trust Adam again 

Avery takes Nick to an empty building 

Nick is baffled by the field trip 

Avery tells Nick he should buy it and turn it into a nightclub 

Nick is tempted by a new possibility 

Avery encourages Nick to reach for his dreams 

Nick invites Noah to be a part of his team

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