Spoilers - Week of December 31

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Spoilers - Week of December 31
Sun, 12-30-2012 - 10:35am

Adam is dismayed to hear that Jack fired Neil, Phyllis and Kyle 

Jacks asks if he can trust Adam 

Adam tells Jack that he refused to play ball with Victor 

Jack refuses to take Adam’s advice and go to rehab 

Adam is fired 

Kyle calls Ashley 

Neil tells Cane that he’s the CEO now 

Leslie offers to look at Neil’s contract 

Neil refuses to reveal the truth about Jack’s addiction 

Cane wonders if it was an intervention 

Victor grills Tucker about Jack’s problem 

Tucker worries about Adam’s influence at the company 

Victor offers to buy Tucker’s shares 

Katherine encourages Tucker to sell in order to make up for everything he did to Victor 

Tucker puts the issue off until after the holidays 

Katherine offers to re-evaluate her relationship with Tucker if Tucker makes things right with Devon 

Jack tells Adam about the intervention 

Adam warns Jack about Victor’s intention 

Kevin is surprised to see Daniel 

Daniel tells Kevin that he’s moving to Savannah to reboot his art career 

Heather is moving to Georgia, too 

Chelsea decides to celebrate New Year’s Eve as a single lady

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