Spoilers - Week of January 14

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Spoilers - Week of January 14
Mon, 01-14-2013 - 10:04am

Phyllis asks Jack if Stephanie was part of his rock bottom New Year’s Eve 

Jack evades Phyllis’s questioning 

Phyllis makes it clear she’s not fooled 

Jack decides to make a confession 

Nick phones Phyllis with bad news – Summer is sick with the flu and may need to go to the hospital 

Jack advises Phyllis to take care of her daughter 

Phyllis heads back to Genoa City to find Avery caring for Summer 

John pays Jack a visit to encourage his son to complete his detox 

Jack reacts badly when John chides him for abandoning Stephanie’s body 

Jack searches the internet for information on Stephanie 

A noise outside the cabin alerts Jack to trouble 

Jack pretends to leave 

The man breaks in and grabs the laptop 

Jack catches Victor’s minion red handed 

The investigator makes a deal with Jack to betray Victor 

Jack learns that Victor hired Stephanie, unaware of her drug addiction 

The investigator also tells Jack who Stephanie’s father is and warns him of the brewing scandal 

Jack tries to talk to Adam and leaves an overly informative message instead 

Complications ensue when Jack’s message is overheard by Phyllis 

Jack tells Phyllis about his crazy New Year’s Eve… and what happened to Stephanie Phyllis tells Jack he’s on his own when it comes to covering up the crime of moving Stephanie’s body 

Victor schedules a press conference 

Guilt stricken, Jack decides to do the right thing and heads home to Genoa City

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