Spoilers - Week of January 21

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Spoilers - Week of January 21
Sun, 01-20-2013 - 9:57am

Chelsea grows increasingly frustrated by Adam’s stalling 

Adam finds himself facing an ultimatum 

Chelsea begs Adam to abandon Newman Enterprises and leave town 

Adam tells Chelsea that he can’t live without her 

Chelsea refuses to come in second to Newman Enterprises 

Adam drowns his sorrows 

Sharon runs into drunken Adam and realizes that Paris is off 

Adam tells Sharon that his marriage is over 

Alex confronts Adriana in the coffee shop about the money 

Adriana tells Alex that she doesn’t know where the money is 

Alex warns her that if she doesn’t give the money back, she’s looking at jail time 

Alex catches Kevin and Chloe having a suspicious conversation 

Kevin and Chloe struggle to maintain a plausible cover 

An increasingly frustrated Alex realizes they’re lying 

Kevin and Chloe continue to push their luck 

Christine gets in Phyllis’s face 

Phyllis is warned of legal consequences 

Avery listens as Phyllis vents 

Lauren and Michael discuss their feelings about Fen’s guilt 

Leslie stays one step ahead of Neil

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