Spoilers - Week of January 23

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Spoilers - Week of January 23
Mon, 01-23-2012 - 10:22am

Cane agrees to escort his mother down the aisle

Genevieve is thrilled by her growing relationship with her son

Lily and Genevieve have a touching conversation about Genevieve’s hopes for the future

Michael tells Victor that Adam suddenly stopped interacting with Tucker

Victor realizes that Sharon must have tipped Adam off

Sharon and Adam succumb to passion in Victor’s office

Beauty of Nature’s sale to a mysterious company called FMN is announced

Genevieve learns that the purchase offer she put in play long before she was involved with Jack was accepted

A troubled and conflicted Genevieve tries to break the news to Jack

Victor heads back to the ranch after being released from prison

Nikki is shocked when Victor kisses her passionately

Victor confirms that he married Sharon to push Nikki away

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