Spoilers - Week of January 28

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Spoilers - Week of January 28
Sun, 01-27-2013 - 11:07am

Marcus tells Victor that he knows who sent Stephanie to Jack 

Victor is offered an opportunity to make amends: keep Avery Bailey Clark in Genoa City 

Victor catches Nikki on the phone with her doctor 

Nikki misleads Victor by telling him the call was about a routine check up 

Sharon asks Chelsea to reconsider 

Leslie is panic stricken to see Congressman Wheeler in town 

Wheeler has a disquieting past with Leslie and Tyler 

Leslie gives Neil a baffling excuse and leaves 

Tyler comforts his freaked out sister 

Neil asks Leslie what’s bothering her 

Michael and Lauren find themselves on opposite sides 

Victoria tries to convince Adam that making Victor CEO will bring him into the family’s good graces 

Adam reminds Victoria that it was her fault Victor lost the company, not Sharon’s 

Sharon suggests that Adam hire Victoria and Nick 

Nick is friendly when Sharon compliments his nightclub 

Adam and Victor go head to head 

Jack reaches out to Nikki 

Nikki and Jack have a heart to heart about their experiences with addiction 

Victor is disturbed to find Nikki resuming an intimate friendship with Jack

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