Spoilers - Week of January 7

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Spoilers - Week of January 7
Sun, 01-06-2013 - 9:24am

Nick and Sharon discuss Noah’s woes 

Sharon tells Nick about Adam’s offer 

Nick warns Sharon of the approaching corporate bloodbath 

Adam tells Chelsea he wants to offer Sharon a job 

Chelsea hides her discomfort 

Adam and Chelsea have a heated discussion 

Sharon is presented with Phyllis’s old job 

Billy informs Adam that they’ll be working together 

Adam’s pending departure is music to Billy’s ears 

Billy challenges Adam 

Victoria and Billy argue about loyalty 

Adriana greets Noah passionately, then tells him how she got the money 

Noah tells Adriana that the money is gone 

Adriana tells Noah that she took the money so that they could be together 

Jack realizes that he forgot Kyle’s birthday 

Kyle reassures his dad and tells him he only wants him to get better 

Jack gives Kyle a treasured compass, telling his son that he’s his true north 

Phyllis and Jack prepare to leave for rehab

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