Spoilers - Week of November 12

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Spoilers - Week of November 12
Sun, 11-11-2012 - 11:59am

Victor sees Billy with the gun 

Victoria tries to escape 

Ronan’s first date with Phyllis goes badly 

Phyllis decides Ronan only wants sex 

Ronan concludes that Phyllis is despondent over losing Nick 

Phyllis kicks Ronan out when he tries to make her face facts 

Phyllis calls Nick and begs him to postpone their divorce hearing 

Nick refuses to change the date 

Phyllis asks Avery to go with her so that she can watch how Avery reacts to Nick 

Avery rebuffs Phyllis’s request because she’s dating Nick 

A stoic Phyllis refuses to admit that she was hoping to get Nick off balance 

Nick and Phyllis’s meeting goes badly 

Phyllis hopes Nick will help her repair her relationship with Summer 

Nick’s coldness hurts Phyllis’s feelings 

Desperation prompts Phyllis to make a new plan 

Sharon writes a letter to Noah and Faith 
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