Spoilers - Week of November 19

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Spoilers - Week of November 19
Sun, 11-18-2012 - 9:08am

Chelsea reads the label on Sharon’s bottle of pills 

Sharon awakens and asks Chelsea what she’s doing 

Chelsea reminds Sharon that it’s her property 

Sharon reminds Chelsea that Adam wouldn’t like what Chelsea is doing 

Chelsea snarks about Sharon’s “gratitude” 

At home, Adam asks Chelsea if she went to see Sharon 

Chelsea tells Adam it’s time for Sharon to go because the jealousy getting to her 

Adam reassures Chelsea and encourages her to get over her paranoia 

Chelsea shows Adam the letter 

Sharon panics and throws away the bottle of pills 

Adam enters the cottage and finds the pills… but no Sharon 

Chelsea gets defensive when Adam accuses her of chasing Sharon off 

Adam tells Chelsea that if anything happens to Sharon, it’s her fault 

Nina is devastated by Christine and Paul’s kiss 

Christine beats a hasty retreat 

Paul tries to explain that he and Christine were just caught up in emotion 

Nina refuses to label the kiss “meaningless” due to Paul’s long history with Christine 

Paul tries to salvage his romance with his friend 

Nina lets Paul go, telling him their relationship must end 

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