Spoilers - Week of November 21

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Spoilers - Week of November 21
Sun, 11-20-2011 - 2:24pm

Neil demands answers from Harmony

Harmony explains that she hopes to repair her relationship with Devon

Neil scoffs at Harmony’s promises

Later, Neil spots Harmony talking with a man who looks up to no good

Kevin tells Chloe the truth about the bone marrow transplant

Chloe is horrified to realize that Billy was in town all along

Chloe is infuriated that Kevin helped Billy deceive her

Kevin and Chloe share a passionate kiss

Angelina puts the romantic squeeze on Kevin

Victoria demands answers from Billy

Billy confesses that he was the Santa who kissed her

Victoria blasts Billy for abandoning her daughter

Billy explains that he was the real bone marrow donor

Horrified, Victoria listens as Billy reveals that Victor blackmailed him

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