Spoilers - Week of October 24

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Spoilers - Week of October 24
Sun, 10-23-2011 - 5:26pm

A heavily bandaged Myrna lies in a hospital bed

Genevieve comforts her stricken maidservant

Myrna and Genevieve discuss the perils of love

A visit to a pumpkin field unnerves Adam when he finds something very unusual

Adam scrambles to cover his bases when he realizes Patty is back in town – with the power to ruin him!

At the Athletic Club, Adam receives a strange parcel

Adam unwraps a cell phone of mysterious origin

The suspects gathered in the warehouse are shocked to see a film detailing their exploits in the park the night Diane was murdered

All assume Ronan is behind the dramatics

Emotions grow fiery as accusations begin flying

Nick realizes that the only one not exposed in the film is Adam

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