Spoilers - Week of September 17

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Spoilers - Week of September 17
Sun, 09-16-2012 - 11:16am

Ashley sends Tucker their divorce decree 

Tucker tries to speak to Ashley but fails to reach her 

Ronan tells Michael that Daisy checked into Fairview 

Michael learns that Daisy is in a coma 

Ronan opines that Daisy being alive contradicts Paul’s statement 

Billy sticks up for Sharon and blames Victor for her anger 

Genevieve tells Tucker that Victor is in serious danger 

Tucker refuses to allow Genevieve to rescue Victor until the stock crashes 

Genevieve uses Sister Celeste to persuade Victor to leave Los Angeles 

Victoria and Nick are taken aback when Sharon comes back to work 

Sharon is pleased to share that her mental health is doctor verified 

Victoria is unhappy to see her CEO-ship slip away 

Avery lets Nick and Victoria know that the hearing is closed to bystanders 

The pair hope that the judge refuses to let Sharon take control of the company again 

The judge rules in Sharon’s favor 

Sharon sweeps Victoria’s belongings into the trash 

Avery explains the situation to Nick and Victoria 

Sharon schedules a press conference and demands the Newman siblings attend 

Tucker and Jack are thrilled to see the stock prices bottom out 

Victor decides to leave Los Angeles 

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