Spoilers - Week of September 24

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Spoilers - Week of September 24
Sat, 09-22-2012 - 6:37pm

Jack learns the truth about his financial situation 

Nikki is thrilled to speak to Victor on the phone 

The call suddenly disconnects when the warehouse explodes 

Sister Celeste tells Genevieve and Billy that Christian died in the explosion 

Nikki suggests that the press conference focus on Victor’s pending return 

Abby asks Nikki why she’s supporting Sharon 

A gloating Nikki announces that Victor will be home soon 

The Newman’s elation turns to grief when Billy rushes in 

Billy tells everyone that Victor is dead 

Sharon pulls the plug on the press conference 

Abby and Adam begin to wonder who knew Victor was in Los Angeles… and when 

Kevin reaches out to comfort Adam 

Victor’s death prompts an unexpected sensation of grief from Jack 

Jack’s complicated feelings are compounded by the loss of millions of dollars 

Jack decides to sell Beauty of Nature to cover his debt 

Kevin advises Billy to tell Victoria the truth 

Tucker thinks over an unexpected offer 

Jack sells BON to Tucker 

Genevieve is remorseful about her decision to keep Victor in Los Angeles 

Sister Celeste soothes Genevieve’s spirits by proving Victor survived the explosion 

Victor remembers who Genevieve really is 

Victoria wonders how Billy had Victor’s cell phone number 

Billy lies 

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