Thursday's Update - December 6

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Thursday's Update - December 6
Thu, 12-06-2012 - 6:24pm

At the penthouse, Nikki tells Victor Abby called to say she couldn't make it, but she's sending a case of champagne and the best bartender in town. Victor answers the door to Carmine. Nikki wows Victor in her dress. She notices Carmine. Victor says he'll earn his money. At home, Vikki tells Billy she's not going to her parents' party - she's not in the mood. Billy says it might help bring back the old Vik. She apologizes for being such a downer and reminds him they want her to dump him. He says, "You love me too much for that." They talk about their situation. Billy says if fixing things with Victor helps, he's all for it. She's not ready, but would like to see Nikki and Nick. Billy admires her in a gold dress and clears his throat a lot. Vikki leaves. Billy calls a store to see when they close. He leaves and returns with bags and starts moving furniture.

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