Thursday's Update - January 10

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Thursday's Update - January 10
Thu, 01-10-2013 - 4:23pm

At the cabin, Jack quakes violently as he detoxes. Phyllis doesn't know what to do. Dr. Lee arrives with medication and vitamins and urges Phyllis to take care of herself too. Later, Phyllis tells Jack he mentioned Stephanie dying. She thinks he was mourning his drug dealer. Phyllis leaves to get food. Once alone, Jack worries. At the penthouse, Victor tells his henchman to leak a news story about Jack and Adam covering up the death of a prostitute that was the estranged daughter of Congressman Marcus Wheeler. The man assures Victor there is no way for him to be ID'd as the one who hired her. Victor decides to wait to leak the information until Jack returns from the cabin. Nikki appears as the man leaves. She asks about Jack's 'secret'. Victor tells her he's hooked on pain killers. Nikki is upset that Victor would reveal that - it's a private matter! Victor says Jack has control of his company - he'll take him down. Nikki feels he's stooping too low. Victor promises not to disappoint her.

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