Thursday's Update - January 17

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Thursday's Update - January 17
Thu, 01-17-2013 - 5:09pm

At home, Billy and Victoria discuss Adam still being at Newman and hiring Sharon. Billy says Sharon's not the issue - they need to unload Adam. Vikki wonders if Sharon could help with that, but Billy says it could backfire. They get word that Victor's called a press conference at Newman. At Newman, Victor tells the press he still cares about Newman Enterprises and that disturbing information has come to light about Jack Abbott's leave of absence. He says Jack's heart attack was a ruse. Nikki interrupts and drags Victor into an office. She threatens to break her commitment to him. They bicker. He tells her she knows nothing about business and he doesn't give a damn about Jack's feelings. She asks what about hers. He barks, "What about them?" They keep arguing. Victor won't back down. Billy arrives. He and Victor get into it. Billy threatens to sell off Newman's assets. Victor tells Billy his marriage wouldn't survive it. Victoria enters and says she'd be proud of Billy! Victor mocks them for wanting to help Jack and says he could ruin him. He steps out and calls off the press conference. Nikki and Victoria leave. Billy asks what he's up to. Victor orders him to tell Jack what happened there and to return his company immediately or he'll go to the media.

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