Thursday's Update - November 29

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Thursday's Update - November 29
Thu, 11-29-2012 - 6:24pm

At the Abbott house, Jack tells Phyllis he's on a stronger prescription and asks about her lunch. He says she could do so much better than Ronan. When Jack starts telling Phyllis she means a lot to him, she teases him about what he's taking and leaves. Jack has a nightmare about phones and email. Victor arrives at Billy's house and asks what he's still doing there. Billy says he lives there and urges Victor to wait until Vikki's better to drop his bomb about L.A. Vikki appears and asks them to stop fighting. Though she says she can't take anymore, Victor tells her Billy knew he was in L.A. and had lost his memory, and kept it from her. Billy says it was complicated. Victor adds he could have died in the explosion. Victoria points out that Victor's kept the truth from her too. She orders them both out.

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