Thursday's Update - September 20

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Thursday's Update - September 20
Thu, 09-20-2012 - 3:51pm

Heather joins Michael in the interrogation room and tells him she'll prosecute Phyllis and get a conviction, but her father is innocent and she hopes they find evidence to prove it. At the Club, Paul tells Christine that Daisy may be his only defense - his whole life might depend on what happens in that hospital. Heather arrives and tells Christine that Phyllis' trial date's been moved up. She wishes there was a witness that saw her behind the wheel. She tells Chris about Ronan being Phyllis' alibi for the night Tim died. Sharon wakes up in Tucker's bed to a radio report that Newman stock has hit a new low. Tucker assures her she just has to prove herself and things will improve. She toys with the idea of forcing Nick and Vikki to quit, but then decides against it. Tucker tells her if it was Victor, he'd call a press conference and make them sing his praises. Later, Sofia warns Tucker again when he orders her to buy more stock. Tucker tells her Sharon is asking Nick and Vikki to back her - they'll freak out. He tells Sofia to watch those shares and buy.

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