Tuesday's Update - December 11

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Tuesday's Update - December 11
Tue, 12-11-2012 - 4:48pm

Nikki arrives at Sharon's place and tells her she'll be arrested for arson tomorrow. Sharon says she sounds ridiculous. Nikki tells her she could go away for up to sixty years. At the tackhouse, Victor confronts Nick about protecting Sharon - she burned down the ranch. Nick denies it. Victor says Chelsea returned and told them after the party. Nick says she may be trying to get rid of her competition. Victor asks about Sharon's illness. Sharon arrives. Victor suggests she seek treatment somewhere far away, and leaves. Nick confronts her about lying to him - and getting Noah to lie. Sharon apologizes. She says it wasn't her who started the fire - it was the disease. She just wants to get well. Later, Faith wants her mommy. Nick says she's sick and will get better soon.

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