Tuesday's Update - January 1

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Tuesday's Update - January 1
Wed, 01-02-2013 - 9:48am

At the penthouse, Nikki complains to Victor that the kids aren't joining them for New Year's because of his quest to get his company back. Victor promises he'll get back his company and the kids. Lauren wows Michael in her red dress at home. She complains about going to Victor's instead of staying home. Michael has bad news - Jamie has to stay in the group home for now. Fen is told. He callously says it will be good for Jamie. Lauren is appalled at Fen's angry attitude and words. Fen leaves. Michael worries that Fen reminds him of Kevin. They wonder why he's so angry. At the Abbott house, Jack pours a drink and calls out to John, who's not appearing. He downs the drink. "I'll do just fine without you."

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