Tuesday's Update - January 22

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Tuesday's Update - January 22
Wed, 01-23-2013 - 9:50am

Sharon arrives at the tackhouse. Noah ignores a call from Adriana. Sharon is ticked off that she hurt him. He feels he was stupid to get involved with her. Sharon counters that he has a big heart, and didn't have a good example with her and Nick. Noah still thinks he's an idiot, but says it's over. Sharon admires him, but warns if the other person's not done, it's harder to walk away. At Crimson Lights, Adriana leaves Noah a message to call - she's tired of being scared. Nearby, Kevin and Chloe are all turned on with each other because of the money. Chloe arranges for Delia to spend the night with Esther. Adriana chats with Eden, and then returns to the patio where Alex appears. She insists she doesn't know where the money is. He says she's a liar. "Give me the money back now or I'll put you in jail." They bicker. Alex overhears Kevin and Chloe discussing 'the best idea ever' and approaches them. Alex unnerves them by implying that he knows they have the money.

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