Tuesday's Update - March 27

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Tuesday's Update - March 27
Wed, 03-28-2012 - 7:34am

At Gloworm, Angelina stops Angelo from interfering, and Gloria accepts Jeff's proposal. Kevin tells Chloe he never stopped loving her. Victoria prompts Chloe to respond. She agrees to marry Kevin. They decide to have a double wedding right away. Daniel phones Katherine at home and gives her the quick version, asking her to bring Delia and come down. Michael phones Eden, and Lauren invites Phyllis, telling her to come right away. The women head up to the office to get ready. Gloria declares it's a magical evening they'll never forget. Downstairs, Katherine arrives and tells Jill that Esther and Delia are on the way. Jill explains everything that's happened, adding that her motto for the day is 'don't ask questions, just let the good times roll'. Nearby, Daniel and Michael tease Kevin that his suit's a little 'disco'. Kevin approaches Angelina, who says she's happy for him. He hugs her. Michael and Jeffrey approach Angelo. Michael demands that Angelo return Gloworm to his mother free and clear to make things right. Angelo agrees, and tells Jeff that Glo is a gem. Eden arrives and Daniel tells her he's happy for Chloe and Kevin. Phyllis enters, still wearing gym garb. Daniel, noticing her attire, shrugs that it's a totally unconventional wedding anyway. Jeff seeks out Jill and asks her to be his 'best man'. She agrees. They realize the drunk minister left. Katherine offers to fill in.

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