Tuesday's Update - October 25

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Tuesday's Update - October 25
Tue, 10-25-2011 - 10:11pm

Nick and Phyllis are looking at pictures of the girls on the Crimson Lights patio when Victor joins them - he wants to find out who is behind the meeting at the warehouse. Nick and Phyllis still think it's Adam. Avery appears to meet with Victor. She gets a call from Adam, who is at the police station and wants her help. She hangs up, and heads inside. The trio speculate on why Adam's being questioned. Nick wants to call Ronan. Victor joins Avery and asks her to reconsider representing Adam. She asks why. Victor wants her to find out how he feels about Sharon, and what he knows about Diane. Avery muses she could talk to a potential client. Once alone, Phyllis and Victor discuss Adam. Victor says they may be focusing on the wrong person - he seemed surprised when he mentioned the text. They bait each other for a moment. Suddenly, Victor gets a call from Nikki.

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