Wednesday's Update - April 18

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Wednesday's Update - April 18
Wed, 04-18-2012 - 8:35pm

At John's party, everyone realizes that Genevieve sold Beauty of Nature to Victor and was part of the deal. Abby asks if they're playing musical beds! Tucker enters, saying Ashley's out of town on business. Jill fills him in, while Nick confronts Victor about coming there on business. Billy decides to pull the plug on the party. Gen leaves, and Victoria confronts Victor, who claims he merely came to tell his children about Beauty of Nature. Vikki says she knows he hired Chelsea, adding he would have let Billy rot in jail had Delia not become ill. She throws him out. Nikki and Vikki discuss Victor hiring Chelsea. Vikki says Adam was the one who told her - he also is the one who saved Chelsea. Nikki says she overheard Victor and Chelsea talking, so that was it. She wants to be with a man she trusts - like Jack. In the dining room, Billy tells Jack he doesn't want to think about Myanmar anymore. Jack says he's okay about Beauty of Nature. Billy asks about Nikki. Jack says his legs aren't working; the rest of his body works fine. Billy high fives him.

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