Wednesday's Update - April 25

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Wednesday's Update - April 25
Wed, 04-25-2012 - 6:48pm

At the Chancellor estate, Neil gives Katherine some contracts he tweaked. Katherine marvels that he came all the way there for that - she thinks the trip was about Harmony. She says she hopes they work it out - they've all come so far. Once alone, Harmony reads Neil the riot act for coming there. Neil tells her she can't avoid him and Sofia or Devon will notice - and he will too. Neil admits he missed her today. Harmony can't act like nothing's changed - she really liked the kiss, and can't be around him. Neil husks that the kiss meant something to him too. Harmony doesn't want to make trouble for him. Neil thinks they can become friends. Harmony reminds him she's an addict - temptation is too much for her. Neil says he's an addict too. They agree to stay away from each other. Neil gets a call from Sofia and leaves.

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