Wednesday's Update - December 5

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Wednesday's Update - December 5
Wed, 12-05-2012 - 3:42pm

Nikki leads Victor into their new penthouse. He marvels that it's beautiful. He listens to her play the piano and they share a toast. Victor wants them to get married again, with the honeymoon starting now. Later, Victor suggests a party tomorrow night. Nikki asks him not to exclude Billy. Victor admits he told Victoria the truth about him. Nikki is upset at his timing. Later, she tells Victor she asked Vikki not to bring Billy - she wonders if Vikki and Nick will even come. At the tackhouse, Noah tells Nick that Sharon's been sick and begged him not to tell she was back. Nick demands to know where she is. Jack tells Kyle he's going into Newman. Kyle leaves the house and Jack calls Adam. He orders him to clear his schedule.

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