Wednesday's Update - January 2

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Wednesday's Update - January 2
Thu, 01-03-2013 - 9:24am

At home, Kevin tells Chloe they're broke. Chloe models her stakeout outfit. Kevin says that plan is dead. They bicker about it. Chloe says they're turning it in for a reward! Kevin protests that Noah may not even have the money. He tells Chloe, "No more chipmunk." Chloe sighs when he says he'll figure something out. At the Club, Daniel tries to convince Phyllis to come to Savannah. He thinks people in Genoa City could live without her for a couple of weeks. Phyllis says Summer needs her right now. Daniel says he's going to Crimson Lights to help Kevin out and then will see Summer. Phyllis says she loves him. Daniel spots Noah on his way out. He asks about New York and Noah says he has no ties. Daniel goes, and Alex appears to confront Noah about his calls to Adriana. He warns Noah to help him find her - he knows she stole half a million dollars and sent it to him. Noah chuckles nervously. Alex warns if he's lying to him, he'll take him down.

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