Wednesday's Update - January 30

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Wednesday's Update - January 30
Thu, 01-31-2013 - 10:00am

At The Underground, Nick takes a call from Avery and asks if she got that murder conviction overturned yet. She says it's a twelve year-old case and will take time. Victor arrives looking to speak to Avery. Nick says she's out of town, but will be back at the opening. Victor wants to talk to her alone. Nick questions him. Victor lies that he has a colleague who needs her expertise. Victoria wonders why Nikki seems down at the Club. Nikki complains about Newman Enterprises. She's worried about Victor. Victoria reassures her. Nikki says sometimes the unexpected happens - no one is guaranteed a happy future. Vikki wonders if she's having second thoughts about marrying Victor. Nikki claims Valentine's Day is just too soon. Vikki teases her and tells her not to worry.

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