Wednesday's Update - November 14

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Wednesday's Update - November 14
Wed, 11-14-2012 - 4:30pm

Phyllis arrives at the tackhouse looking for Summer. Nick says she's out with Fen. Phyllis tells him Ronan's suspicions about Summer. They discuss it, and Phyllis becomes frustrated that Nick won't even entertain the idea that Summer is in trouble. He says he'll need a lot more than her boyfriend's gut feeling. On the Crimson Lights patio, Lauren and Michael discuss Fenmore's moodiness. They spot him sitting with Summer. Summer plants a huge kiss on Fen and leaves. Lauren and Michael confront him about Ronan's suspicions - they're hearing and seeing things they don't like, and want to know what's going on with Summer. Fen tries to say they're just friends. Michael grills him about the harassment of Jamie. Fen gets his back up. Michael warns him to drop his attitude now. Fen says anyone could be bullying Jamie - he has no proof. Later, Lauren and Michael agree Summer is bad for Fen. Paul arrives and says Heather and Christine haven't come up with anything yet. They discuss Ricky. Paul talks about feeling responsible and urges them to do whatever it takes to be sure their son is safe and happy. Talk turns back to the search for evidence. Lauren and Michael both hope Paul is exonerated. Paul says no matter how it turns out, he'll never be free - the choices he made since Ricky was born led to a prison of his own making.

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